comfortmakerdlx90_9_9Keep the heat inside where it belongs.

When the weather outside is frightful, your heating system should be delightful. Don’t get left in the cold when our team can get your heating system pumping!

Efficient heating services include: Furnaces, Heating Pumps,Thermostats, Heating and Cooling Units, Products, Repairs, Servicing.

Thermostats are extremely important because they are your interface and control system for your heating and air conditioning equipment.

Reynolds Electric Heating and Air Conditioning Service, LLC knows that when the temperatures begin to drop, you can’t take a chance with your heating unit.

 Let our heating specialist find a resolution to your heating requests. You are sure to be treated professional and personable services when you call our team.  

You can count on us to keep you warm. Call us today!

Air Conditioning

Rheem-13PJL-15PJL-14PJM-Heat-PUmpDon’t let the hot temperatures get you down!

If you are in need of assistance with your air conditioning service, we can help. Your air conditioning system can be a complex system to understand if you are not a professional. Quality air conditioning services include:  Air Conditioners, Thermostats, Air Handlers, Heat Pumps, Mini-splits, Air Cleaners, Air Scrubbers, UV Germicidal Lights, A/C Tune-up Check List, and Air Balancing.

Make sure your system is working!

If you have a traditional home air conditioning system, you may notice that it consists of two parts. Those two parts usually include a furnace or air handler for your indoor unit and your outdoor unit will be the air conditioner.

 These units combined work together to stabilize the temperatures in your home. When used together, you will maximize the efficiency of your system, allowing it to last longer.

We’ll also help you find a new air conditioning system that fits your needs and budget. Call us today!